I am Vicki Spotten, owner of Spot On Tailoring.

I have been sewing for many years, starting as a young child at my grandmother’s knee making doll clothes.  I have progressed from there with more training from my own mother and then classes at the local school.  I moved to Venice with my husband in June, 2015 looking forward to putting my skills to use here in Paradise. Prior to moving to Venice I was working in the Atlanta, GA area as a seamstress/tailor. 

In Atlanta, I was the go to person for not only everyday alterations, but also the unusual.  If someone had something that needed repair, whether a torn jacket or broken clasp on an instrument case, they came to me for help.  I also became quite busy during prom and wedding season with all sorts of adjustments and hemming on formal wear.

In addition to alterations, I also make custom clothing.  Having 2 little granddaughters, I became quite the specialist on dresses, with the Disney Princess look-a likes top on the request list.  I also have created quite a collection of costumes, for plays, parties and Halloween including the typical witch and ghost, to pirates, cartoon characters and 17th century ball gowns. 

As a tailor, I understand that each customer is different, with different requirements.  With my experience, I am able to make your clothing a fit as it should, allowing you to look and feel your best.